Tips for a Smooth Engagement Session

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1. Focus on Each Other & Be Present

This is a special day for you and when the day arrives it's important to focus on one another. That's why it's so ideal to iron out all the details prior to the day of so you're not stressed trying to get things done. Give yourself extra time for mishaps and whatever the day throws at you (it'll be good practice for the big day). No matter what happens just remember to have fun! Push away all the pressures and focus on what's important which is the love you have for each other. Let go, lighten up and simply enjoy the moment.

2. Don't stress about the way you look in the photos

One of the benefits of hiring a professional photographer is that you get the expertise of someone that knows how to pose and direct you. I don't expects you to be a pro model so I know that you'll need help and I promise not to make you do anything weird or too far out of your comfort zone. And if you're still unsure, I can show you a few photos during the process to make sure we have it right.

So rather than stressing about the way you look, trust that I got you!

3. Be prepared

Give yourself enough time to prepare for your session. It can take time to find the right outfits for both of you, order, try on, and make necessary alterations as needed. I know Amazon prime has spoiled us all but it might take more than 2 days to receive everything you need so be flexible! I recommend booking your session at least a month out.

4.Give yourself enough time

When finding the perfect date, give yourself time. If you're planning on using these photos for save the dates or any other time sensitive items, plan ahead. Depending on the season we are in, turn around time can vary from 2-3 weeks. I recommend keeping this in mind when picking your date.